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LAST STOP FILMS is an up-and-coming production company based in Chicago, IL with Los Angeles, CA ties and roots. Our goal is to replicate reality, creating characters and telling a story that people can relate to, question and even see themselves in — allowing for our audience to reflect upon themselves, their relationships with others, and everything in between. Because there is a youthful flair within our team, we tend to focus on stories pertaining to America's youth and young people, yet, at the same time, relatable to all young people around the world.

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LAID: life as it's dealt

current project • feature film


Caught in a downward spiral after his daughter's birth, Jason escaped to the city of Chicago, where he met Noah, a young male who introduced him to an alternative way of survival. Working in isolation from the "normal" world, Jason soon falls victim to an unhealthy existence. Now, three years later, Jason is still haunted by a heartbreaking past and the route he has chosen for both him and his daughter to survive. When he meets Amber, the "girl next door", who offers him love, stability and a possible way out, he jumps at the chance — only to find himself caught between two colliding worlds.
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